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SUMMARY: An overly political outlook on life, like any kind of ideological or fundamentally religious perspective, leaves you underdeveloped as a human being. If you politicize your relationships, you will not learn to love and be responsible.

“The personal is political”, along with “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”, was a popular 1960s feminist slogan of political activists claiming to “raise consciousness”.

From a psychological, or scientific, point of view, this consciousness-raising — teaching young people to look at their personal lives in terms of political power structures — is little more than a Maoist Struggle Session. Meanwhile, under real existing East German socialism, children were taught to destroy their souls with Maoist self-criticism in front of their classmates.

* * *

Politicizing personal issues, and “voluntarily” humiliating yourself in front of others, teaches you not how to solve problems, but how to generate hatred and to direct it either against others, or against yourself.

And then there are the opportunity costs of doing this: If you put all your energy into politicizing the personal, you will not learn some basics of history, and you will not learn logical reasoning. Because reality and how we got here are irrelevant if all you are interested in is how to criticize.

Not having been brainwashed by Cultural Marxism into politicizing every aspect of social life, but being used to try and solve problems if possible, people in Eastern Europe retained a little bit of common sense in psychological matters. While they were idiotized economically, they were not complete morons.

* * *

There were differences in how badly certain social classes were abused under Soviet, Chinese, German, Korean socialism, but in none of the Eastern block countries did people actually attempt to play women off against men. Family structures were not sacrificed for the great “common cause”. Accordingly, the cultural shock upon confrontation with what had happened to Western countries in the meantime was huge.

After the fall of the wall, West German women told East German women, “Great job toppling your government; what you must do now is start hating your men”, to which East German women replied, “What?! Why would we do that? They are our fathers, brothers, lovers — what should we hate them for?”

Heck, people who lived under communism had enough problems. (Not everyone, though. See I’ve Never Seen a Happy Femi­nist.)

* * *

Real existing communism has collapsed, partly because nobody likes to “crawl and speak with a forked tongue”, as East Germans used to refer to what this system did to human beings. But Cultural Marxism is alive and well. Self-criticism in front of your peers destroys your soul; criticizing your culture before you learn to understand and appreciate your heritage destroys society.

So, 50 years of identity politics later, nobody seems any happier, or wiser, for that matter. Many women choose to politicize interpersonal relationships instead of improving them. They decide to regard nefarious, powerful white men as the ones responsible for their misery, and have no motivation to learn better skills, or to improve their character. Women are not more independent, or considerate, or less gullible. Instead, they rely on the state to provide them with whatever they need, believe what they perceive to be social consensus, and tend to abuse others — men and women alike — especially those who dare to disagree with them.

* * *

I know a number of women past their prime who live with cats, are members of “Single and over 40” meetups, and seem bitter, unloving, and unwilling to reach out and help others. They are all very political, very correct, and easily offended.

There is a weird sadness in seeing a book on “How to find a husband over 35” on the stoop and knowing which one of your neighbors donated this evidence of a violently misspent youth to the public.

* * *

Politicizing problems is equivalent to throwing a tantrum; ranting and complaining while refusing to try and solve the problem when you actually have the means to do so. Nobody likes whiny people, and sooner or later, most people just move on with their lives, leave the whiners behind, and do what is known as “growing up”.

In fact, most political protests are tantrums: “You hurt my feeling because you are a racist sexist chauvinistic pig, and I will now riot until you bake me a cake because I am entitled to it!”

The correct answer to nonsense of this kind is “Go to your room”, as Tony Soprano told his son while he was indulging in teenage angst and nihilism. (See Boredom and Suffer­ing.)



Rachel Bartlett grew up in East Germany. She wants to punch people who lecture others on how there is a difference between communism and socialism, or how real socialism has never been tried (Yeah, why don’t you tell me more about what communism did to my people, you expert?). She half regrets having studied political science and modern history, as well as English. What was considered unconventional and anarchist in her youth, apparently is conservative these days, so she clashes with Zeitgeist with every breath she takes. She likes to go birding, drinking coffee, being married, and reading the entire internet, not necessarily in that order. Her English, once so pristine, has been hopelessly bastardized and degenerated into Midatlantic since relocating to to a tiny village on an island.

Ich träum in letzter Zeit immer öfter davon, …

... den Mut zu haben, mich auf einen belebten Platz zu stellen und John F. Kennedys Rede zu laut zitieren: "The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society!"


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