We are made for these times.

I can see clearly now the brain has gone

I can see all popsicles come my way!

  • 5’11”, raised by wolves, in a forest library.
  • 50% Sorbian, 50% German, in that order.
  • Supposed former investigative journalist, now translator, photographer, graphic designer, author, and soon to be programmer!
  • Can’t tell left from right, therefore bumps into things: scar above right eye, on right hand, and probably many more.
  • Claims to have “faith in the expanding humanity of the self and others”. Refrains from other faiths, though.
  • Proud owner of no cell phone, no fridge, and no car, and a pet fly called Lisa. NEW! Frustrated owner of a frigging cell phone.
  • Enjoys/suffers from brand-new “Compulsive Learning Disorder TM”.
  • I am the opposite of a vampire: an avid daylight-optimizer (I try to get up when the sun is up, and go to bed when the sun is down so I practically hardly ever use artifical light). Still I regularly overdose on caffeine.

    Lately, I also started inventing utterly silly languages because I am so madly in love, and the madness has to get out somehow. I am just soooo in love.

    I often forget to do the things I really enjoy doing (like messing with acrylic paint)… and I try to bump into things nobody has ever bumped before, physically and intellectually. I am the leading expert on polarity theory in Europe, by the way.

    As of the time of writing this (12-23-2008), I haven’t watched The Godfather yet, but I saw a helicopter land and take off outside my window.

    You’re welcome to stalk–em, visit my super funky embryotic website.


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    Ich träum in letzter Zeit immer öfter davon, …

    ... den Mut zu haben, mich auf einen belebten Platz zu stellen und John F. Kennedys Rede zu laut zitieren: "The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society!"


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