We are made for these times.

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We Are Not Scared Children

We Are Not Scared Children

Ja, mein Freund, ich seh sie auch, die unmarkierten Hubschrauber… und ja, Menschen haben ein Recht, unbehelligt ihrer Wege zu gehen.

Die Psychologie

Wir werden beobachtet, und das ist komplett irrelevant, denn welche Konsequenzen hat diese Erkenntnis? Wirst Du Dein Auftreten ändern, oder Deine Denkweise? Im besten Fall wirst Du Dir Mühe geben, ein besserer Mensch zu sein, um anderen noch besser zu helfen. Aber das würdest Du auch ohne Helis oder Internet oder NWO tun. In dem Sinne können sie uns gar nix. Dieser Krieg ist leise und psychologisch, und ruhig und psychologisch werden wir den auch gewinnen.

Jeder einzelne von uns hat das Zeug zu einer Führungspersönlichkeit — nicht in dem moralisch verkommenen Sinn, wie er in Politik und Wirtschaft derzeit gefördert wird. Jeder von uns ist eine bedeutende Persönlichkeit, die hilft, eine bessere Welt zu schaffen.

Und natürlich verdienen wir Aufmerksamkeit! Niemand braucht schlechte Banker und Pharmakonzerne usw. — wir hingegen werden dringend gebraucht. Unsere Machthaber sind diejenigen, die Angst haben, und das verdientermaßen, denn sie haben nichts zu bieten — sie wissen nicht einmal, daß die menschliche Natur gut ist, und sie sind völlig unwichtig für die Zukunft.

Meine Empfehlung

    Sieh Dir lustige Polit-Satire-Videos an.

    Öfter mal einen Kinderfilm…

    Iß Eiskreme (ist gut für die durch Chemtrails ausgetrocknene Kehle).

    Mach Seifenblasen.

    Ermutige andere Menschen.

    Hecke Aufweckaktionen aus.

    Sei auf Notfälle vorbereitet.

    Verbesser die Welt Stück für Stück, versuch nicht, alles sofort zu machen.

    Sei Dir Deiner eigenen Bedeutung für diese Welt bewußt.

    Zieh Dich zurück, wenn Du Gefahr läufst, auszubrennen.

    Gib niemals auf.

About the intimidation by black helicopters, moles, Stasi 2.0, and other annoyances

Yes, my friend, I see them too, those unmarked helicopters, and yes, people have a right to mind their own business in privacy.

The Psychology
We are being watched, and this is completely irrelevant, because what consequences does this insight have? Are you going to change your attitude, or your way of thinking? At most, you will do your best to become a better human being, so you can help others even better. But you would be doing this without the helicopters or the internet or the NWO. Looking at it this way, they can’t do you any harm. This war is quiet and psychological, and calm and psychologically wise we will win it.

Every single one of us has the potential to become a leader or a teacher, and not in the corrupted sense as it is currently enforced by politics and economics. Each of us is an important personality helping to create a better world.

And of course we do deserve attention! Nobody needs lousy bankers or pharmaceutical cooperations — we, on the other hand, we are needed desperately. Those who are in power are terribly scared of us. And they are scared with good reason, because they have nothing to offer – they don’t even know that human nature is good, and they are not important for the future.

My Recommendation

    Watch funny political comedies.
    Watch even more childrens’ movies.

    Eat ice cream (it’s good for your throat if it dried out by chemtrails).

    Make soap bubbles.

    Encourage others.

    Plan wake-up-calls for those still asleep.

    Be prepared for emergencies.

    Better the world one piece at a time — don’t try to do everything at once.

    Be aware of your own importance for this world.

    Withdraw if you risk burning out.

    Never give up.

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  • This essay in English

    Wolllte dich mal fragen wegen dieser Bruderschaft, auf die Du aufmerksam gemacht hast?
    Kannst Du mir etwas sagen?
    Da sehe ich auch einen Seestern, der aber in einer Stellung ist, die von Dunklen Seite eher als Symbol benutzt wird. Welche Bedeutung siehst Du in den Stern?
    Danke schon mal und have a nice time…

    The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society -- J. F. Kennedy

    The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society -- J. F. Kennedy

    In meinen Arbeiten gibt es keine geheime Bedeutung. Brotherhood heißt hier Bruderschaft im Sinne von Seelenverwandtschaft, die es zu entdecken gilt. Unkonventionelle Menschen sind oft allein mit ihren Einsichten und ihrem Tatendrang; ich möchte diesen Menschen sagen, daß ihre wahre Familie nicht ihre Blutsverwandten sind. Ihre wahre Familie sind wie an einem Strand verstreute Seesterne, die sich auf die Suche nach einander machen müssen. Read the rest of this entry »

    We don’t need no stinkin’ badges,
    or: Keeping yourself upright.

    1. Eyes on the prize: Hot soup and a world fit for humans.

    One of the things my grandma taught me was to carry a soup bowl from the kitchen up to the dining room without spilling the hot soup, or dropping the heavy bowl. It is simple, and it has nothing to do with physical strength. It is all about awareness: Do not watch the filled bowl, watch where you go. Don’t look down on the stairs. Don’t look at the bowl. Don’t imagine the possible disaster. Look ahead to the dining room and the table, balance your attention between only the important things.

    Eyes on the prize: Hot soup and a world fit for humans

    Eyes on the prize: Hot soup and a world fit for humans

    2. Now, let me introduce you to Badge Guy from Stanford, California.
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    Me: “I remember the end of socialism in East Germany. That was a lot more fun than this Second Great Depression… Or maybe I was younger…”

    He:  “I can’t imagine the upheaval of things that caused. I find it amazing that any of the former communist countries managed to transition as smoothly as they did.

    As I’m sure you know there are people here in the US are cryin “socialism” because the government is bailing out banks and perhaps the car companies. As someone who has first hand experience with Communism (and the police state that goes with it) and the transition what’s your take on things?”

    The short answer:

    1. New York city community gardens are pretty anarchist socialist, and rent stabilized apartments are very state socialist. Bailouts, OTOH, are plain robbery, with a good mix of indentured servitude. Nothing about the current crisis is in any way socialist. By using a killer phrase like “socialist” for what is basically robbery, we rob ourselves of the chance to understand and solve our real problems.

    2. Nothing about this “transition” was smooth. It looked civilized only because no policeman and no soldier fired a single shot, and not a single protester smashed a window or set a car on fire.

    3. After a delightful but short anarchist phase, East Germany was annexed by, not united with, the West. Almost two incredibly brutal decades later I doubt that East Germany will ever recover. Twenty years later, West German media are still so hysterically ranting about Socialism I wonder how dead this dog really is, and what they are trying to distract me from.

    4. And the police state — well, the East German “police state” was a joke compared to what is going on now. I was never worried about the Stasi or the KGB. The only reason I am not scared shitless of the BKA, CFR, NWO, NSA, TSA etc. now is that I refuse to. I refuse to.

    Noble be man, helpful and good! (J. W. v. Goethe)

    Apart from calling things by their proper name and refusing to act based on fear, the question is not whether or not to store food, or whether you shall buy gold or silver.

    The first and most important belief I hold is that humans are inherently good.

    Humans ARE inherently good. This is both a fact and an imperative — Goethe also wrote, There is nothing good unless you do it.

    I can’t prove this. This is something you have to believe first to be able to see it.

    Come on, give me a chance. Test it. For a week, avoid all TV news and horror movies, and approach everybody with an attitude of gratitude BEFORE they do something for you, and maybe you will get an idea of what human nature really is. Give people a chance to be nice to you. Ask them favours — most people will be happy to help if they can. Helping others makes humans feel good about themselves. People who feel useless are unhappy.
    Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right. (Henry Ford)

    What looks like our biggest problems, what makes the current mess seem so monolithic you either want to wrap up in a ball and sleep, or scream at the tops of your lungs — it’s just ideologies.

    Misogyny and racism are not human nature but sick ideologies. The police state and ponzi scheme monetary systems are not based in human nature, but in misguided ideologies.

    Yes, they are powerful, yes, they are stupid, but they are made by humans, and therefore they can be overcome by humans. There are better ideas out there, and we have access to them via the internet. The internet is one of the things people didn’t have in 1989.

    It’s Monday morning. You’re waiting for the lights to turn green so you can continue to rush to work. You listen to your favourite song on your Mp3-player, and you see somebody, lost in thought, about to walk into the traffic. Of course you stretch your arm and reach out to stop them. You will not even be particularly proud of yourself, just vaguely glad you’re not splattered in blood and have to remember that first aid stuff you learnt ages ago. You don’t want to see people suffer. You want to be in time and have a coffee, and you want them to go about their lives and have a nice day.

    *This* is human nature.

    It is much more human nature than a protester calling a policeman “a pig”, or a cop tasering a student for not showing their library card.

    It’s also a scene from Definitely Maybe. I watched it last night, and remembered how I once stretched out my arm to stop a friend from walking into a truck (We were going to a party, and I only remember it because I was so madly in love with this person, and actually I remember more vividly how ill I felt that day and how I really shouldn’t have tried the Sherry at the party). But I bet I did similar things for other people, and I bet other people saved me, quite frequently. This is so normal and common we rarely remember it for longer than a day.

    Because this is simply human nature.

    Übersetzung folgt… sobald ich Zeit dafür finde 🙂

    Ich träum in letzter Zeit immer öfter davon, …

    ... den Mut zu haben, mich auf einen belebten Platz zu stellen und John F. Kennedys Rede zu laut zitieren: "The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society!"


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