We are made for these times.


This is my dumping ground for lists. Mainly lists of reasons. I love reason, reasons, reasonings… I just keep forgetting. Why I am here. Why I want to get up in the morning. Why it’s a good idea to wear pants, or shoes, or both, or even all three.
If I have a place to look up reasons, a number of things might get easier.

To make it easy, I start with something I have no intention of doing anyway.

1. Reasons to learn German.

      1. Die Ärzte. Pop band with bad taste.

      2. “Beispielhafte Gartenteiche” . Forget Hegel. Or Kant. Freud. Heidegger. This is the smartest German book I’ve ever read. It’s about garden ponds, and the universe, and everything else.

      3. Loriot. Being a stiff Prussian is fun.

      4. Stenkelfeld. An imaginary North German village full of nutters. Feel at home.

      5. Gale Tufts. New York comedian stranded in Berlin. Thank you, New York. No, you won’t get her back. She’s all ours now.

      6. Scoccer coach Giovanni Trappatoni’s legendary tantrum at a press conference. Did more for the development of the German language than all German poets of the last two centuries taken together.


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Ich träum in letzter Zeit immer öfter davon, …

... den Mut zu haben, mich auf einen belebten Platz zu stellen und John F. Kennedys Rede zu laut zitieren: "The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society!"


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